Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Congratulations Class of 2010!

Commencement is a bittersweet time for graduating seniors and their families. As their college days come to an end and the new alumni begin to venture out into the world seeking careers, they are excited for what the future holds, yet somewhat sad about the experiences they are leaving behind.

On the eve of graduation, alumni with their families and friends, gathered at the Wise Alumni House for the Commencement Celebration. Guests enjoyed complimentary hors d'eouvres while Sammy C. Hawk made an appearance and door prizes were given away. It was a joyous night for alumni to celebrate their accomplishments and share plans for what's ahead.

We are excited to welcome more than 1,300 new alumni who participated in the Commencement Ceremonies on December 11. Among them are 1069 undergraduate students and 268 graduate students. For those who wish to have a keepsake of their ceremony, DVD's are available from the alumni office. Congratulations on your accomplishments and we look forward to serving our newest group of alumni!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Welcoming a new season on UNCW's campus

While the leaves turning colors of reds and oranges brings beautiful changes on campus, it also brings back many memories for alumni. The weather’s chill has the students putting on their coats, but it’s not quite cold enough to put away the teal rainbows. The sporadic seventy degree days lure Seahawks to dig their feet in the sand, even in December. Daylight savings time begins and suddenly getting out of class at 4:45 pm seems too late.
Photo Credit UNCW/Jamie Moncrief
Walk around campus and you will hear students buzzing about their exam schedules and how excited they are for the upcoming break. Although weeks away, the festive decorations on campus spur conversations about holiday plans and travels.

Head over to Trask to enjoy a basketball game and notice that although Midnite Madness has passed, spirit filled nights still keep the excitement high for our student athletes. Cheers erupt from the bleachers and the dance team and pep band entertain the crowd during halftime.

Photo Credit UNCW/Jamie Moncrief
Kenan Auditorium, Lumina Theater and the Cultural Arts Building showcase a full schedule with holiday entertainment for all ages. Performances by current students, alumni and others can be enjoyed with family and friends.

As the semester comes to a close and the holidays are upon us, we welcome another season on UNCW’s campus.