Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Alumnae Reshape Their Bodies, Careers and Communities

When alumnae Katelyn Lippert '08 and Brook Nash '03 discovered that they could combine their love of dancing with physical fitness, they knew they had to bring Pure Barre franchises to their cities.

Pure Barre is a total body workout using the ballet bar. Students use isometric movements to quickly and safely reshape the body, creating, long lean muscles. The workout is known to lift your seat, tone your thighs, and burn fat impressively fast, all to great music.

Brook, who worked in public health, discovered the workout after the birth of her children. “I needed to shed the baby weight. I was no longer able to jog [due to a knee injury] and needed something low impact,” she said. From her first workout, she fell in love with Pure Barre, “nothing has transformed my body as much as Pure Barre,” she said.

Katelyn Lippert '08 with her sister, Alex,
at their Pure Barre in Wilmington, NC
Katelyn, a recruiter with a human resources background, was introduced to Pure Barre by her sister and business partner, Alexandra O'Rourke. “We both danced for most of our lives, and the workout was addicting,” said Katelyn. “We quickly fell in love and thought Wilmington would be the perfect location for a Pure Barre.”

Both Brook and Katelyn took leaps into becoming small business owners and opened their own Pure Barre locations in Savannah, GA and Wilmington, NC, respectively. “I saw a gap in the Savannah fitness community and thought the women here would really appreciate the workout,” said Brook.

“Opening your own business is a huge venture, it will consume your life but if you have a strong plan and good support you will be successful,” said Katelyn.

Brook Nash '03 in front of her Pure Barre
in Savannah, GA
“First, make sure you love it,” said Brook. “As an owner, even with the help of many, it is totally consuming, but the passion you have for your business or product will get you through the 14 hour days.”

Brook and Katelyn also carried many lessons and experiences from UNCW through their journey to become entrepreneurs. Katelyn ’08 used the Cameron School of Business’s annual Business Week to practice her networking skills and give back to the university. “I enjoy coming back to Cameron and speaking with the students about life after the classroom," she said. "I actually received my first job as a result of Business Week.”

Brook had a mentor, UNCW professor Dr. Michael Perko, whose lessons translated well into her efforts as new business woman. “What I learned from him is more of a life lesson on overcoming perfectionism. No one’s perfect and as long as you try your hardest that is all anyone can ask for,” she said.

UNCW Alumni Relations/Shannon Rodenheiser '11

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Alumni Come Together to Honor a Friend's Memory Through Service

In May of 2004 a group of UNCW alumni lost a dear friend, Peyton Degray, to her battle with cancer. Though the loss was crushing, they knew they had to find a way to celebrate their friends memory, and thus, Love is Bald was born.

“After she passed away, we all decided that we would get together each year and celebrate her life the way Peyton would have wanted us to,” said Brandon Hillis '02, who helped start Love Is Bald. The friends spent several years reuniting in May to celebrate and remember Peyton, but did not formally establish Love is Bald, an organization dedicated to raising both awareness of the disease and money for cancer patients and their families, until 2010.

“It took us a while to get our heads and hearts wrapped around the idea of losing Peyton, but we knew we had to start something to keep her memory and spirit alive,” said Kelli Russell '01, who co-founded Love is Bald with Allen Williford.

Even in its name, the organization is rooted in memories. “When Peyton began losing her hair, [during treatment] she decided to just shave it off. Soon after a lot of our guy friends did the same thing. We all quickly realized that hair is just hair...we loved one another no matter what,” said Kelli.

Love is Bald relies on both the Wilmington and UNCW communities to host successful events and raise money.  “This town and community is very supportive in sharing knowledge and lending a helping hand to make Love is Bald the great success it has become,” said RJ Russell '02, another member who helped start the organization.

By planning numerous events in the community, from volleyball tournaments to chili cook-offs, Love is Bald does everything it can to raise funds to support cancer patients, as well as their family and friends. “We always have three goals when planning events; first, to keep Peyton’s spirit alive, second, to never take life, family or friends for granted, and to always “Pey” it forward,” said Kelli who promotes these initiatives on the group's blog. To date, the organization has raised over $80,000.

The group applied lessons they learned during their time at UNCW to establish the organization. “You see some colleges that are very cliquish, with athletes only hanging with athletes and Greeks only hanging out with Greeks, but UNCW never seemed like that,” said Brandon. “Everyone always rallied around each other, from a sporting event to a tragedy.”

Alison Eagen ’03, fellow alumna and a member of the Love is Bald Board of Directors, has big goals for the organization. “My goal is to assist in growing our support base by engaging the community in successful, enjoyable events,” said Allison. “We believe there is no such thing as too many volunteers.”

UNCW Alumni Relations/Shannon Rodenheiser '11

Monday, November 19, 2012

Discipline and Integrity: Skills from the Ball Field Aid Business Success

How many people do you know that can include teaching actors, Freddie Prince Jr. and Mathew Lilliard, how to play baseball as part of their college experience? If you do know someone, it's likely to be a ball player from UNCW, our camera-friendly university that keeps a lively pulse in the film community.

Former student athlete, Lee Grant '00, can accept this claim to fame, but after the tremendously successful decade he just had, this would be near the bottom of his list of bragging rights.

The grueling schedule of Lee's student years, between practice and classes, taught him discipline and time management. The organization and work ethic, as well as the integrity he infused in every aspect of his business, led Lee to gain fiscal success in his company, Coastal Chemical & Paper.

As owner and president of one of the fastest-growing distribution companies in the Carolinas, he built his business Steve Jobs-style, straight out of his garage. Now with two distribution centers, a sales team and fleet of delivery trucks, Lee sees nothing but growth in the future.

"My goals are to continue on the track I'm on," Lee shared, "adding products and growing until the market dictates otherwise. We're adding two new salespeople in 2013."

Lee, 2010 Young Alumnus of the Year
award recipient and his wife, Sommer 
Beside Lee from the beginning, is his wife Sommer, a 2001 Information Systems graduate who he met at UNCW while they were in their teens. Not only do they work as a team for the business, but they as strive to be role models for their three daughters.

"We know that our kids are watching every thing that we do and say," Lee said. "So we try to show them a good example."

As loyal supporters of numerous community organizations, such as Welcome Home Angel, the Landfall Foundation and the Andy's Foundation, they are role models for more than just their little ones. Lee is currently a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors and chairs the Awards & Scholarships Committee. His passion for helping UNCW develop student athletes into professionals fuels his on-going support for the Seahawk Club. "The journey of being a student athlete, competing at a very high level and the lessons learned through that journey is something I really believe in," he said.

UNCW's track record of professional training is what led Lee to commit to being a Seahawk, turning down scholarships offers from UNCG, ECU, Elon and Campbell. However, one thing he'll never forget is how much better he ate while acting as a ball player on screen for "Summer Catch," versus their victory feasts while on the road with UNCW.

"If we lost, we got Wendy's, and if we won, Coach Scalf would splurge and take us to Golden Corral," Lee said. "I think that is still the status quo with him to this day."

UNCW Alumni Relations/Crystal George

Thursday, November 15, 2012

In a Time of Thanks, We Salute Our Seahawks

This time of year, when the thermostat begins its daily dance and the the sun has already clocked-out before your drive home, we begin thinking about the festive holiday events approaching.

Students digging in at the Wagsgiving feast
 UNCW/Erin Bailey
Remember when you were a student and would spend today recovering from over-eating at Wagsgiving and would count down the days to school break? What kind of holiday traditions have you began since your last stroll down Chancellor's Walk?

Each year, at this time, we take the opportunity to share about alumni who are daring to soar; alumni who don't settle for average and are willing to create a path for themselves and foster opportunities for others. We invite you to meet them in the blog posts through November.

Thanksgiving is about more than filling yourself with turkey and trimmings and fighting the ambush of holiday music that fills the airwaves, inevitably too early. It's about sharing what you are thankful for, and for us, we're thankful for our 60,000 Seahawks around the globe. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Young Entrepreneur Corey Heim '06 to Speak at CSB Alumni Breakfast Series

Corey Heim ’06, co-founder of DryCASE, is the youngest alumnus to date chosen to speak at the Cameron School of Business Alumni Chapter Breakfast series. Based on his career experience, Corey will be presenting on “The Power of Ideas and Entrepreneurship” with other co-founder, Dr. Roy “Arch” Archambault.

Before becoming a successful entrepreneur, Corey graduated with a B.A. in Spanish and B.S in International Business. “A marketing class with Professor Wes Berlin was the first time I had a professor that was telling stories from real life experience about business and the ‘art of the deal’.” Corey said, reflecting on his time at UNCW and how it has influenced his profession.  Later on, during his involvement with the Cameron Executive Network, he was “paired with a mentor that helped me nail an internship that eventually led to my current business.”

Since 2007 Corey has been serving as Chief Operating Officer of Dry Corp, LLC. Dry Corp is a medical distribution company headquartered in Wilmington, NC that sells waterproof body protection for wound care, casts, bandages, prosthesis, PICC lines and Ostomy in over 32 countries.

In the summer of 2009 he became co-founder of DryCASE, a company that uses patented vacuum seal technology to make waterproof cases for phones, cameras and MP3 players. Since its conception Corey has helped to make DryCASE a recognized and world distributed brand in outdoor/consumer electronic markets.

The CSB Alumni Breakfast series is open to both alumni and community members. It will be held Tuesday, October 23 and $5.00 tickets can be purchased online prior to October 18.

UNCW Alumni Relations/Caroline Robinson, Intern

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Charlotte Alumni Chapter's First President Becomes Member of UNCW Board of Visitors

In the fall of 2010, Charlotte area alumni established their first official UNCW Alumni Chapter. The dedicated efforts of Robert Abbotts ’85, played a big role in making this happen. Robert was the chapter's first president, willing and eager to get alumni in the area reconnected with their alma mater. Now he has been appointed as a new member of the UNCW Board of Visitors, serving as an advocate for the university’s mission, accomplishments and goals for the future.

“Staying involved makes me feels as though I never really left,” Robert said. Along with embracing his new volunteer role, Robert remains an active part of the Charlotte Area Alumni Chapter by serving on the Steering Committee. Although he resides in Charlotte, Robert and his family still attend events on campus and feels a sense of community pride for the growth of UNCW.

“In Charlotte traffic, I get a big kick out of when fellow alumni, or current students, react to the UNCW sticker on the rear window of my car. That always makes my day,” he said.

The love Robert has for UNCW began when he visited campus for the first time. “Everything intrigued me; the history of the university, the town of Wilmington, proximity of the coast, everything,” explains Robert.

Robert’s time at UNCW formed the foundation of his career in Public Service. One of his professors, Dr. Earl Sheridan, further enhanced Robert’s lifelong interest in the American political process. He reminisces about Dr. Syed Ahmad stating, “That man was a genius at running a classroom. I not only looked forward to going to his class, I didn’t want it to end – he was that good.”

Upon graduating, Robert began working in the private sector and later in the government sector which he is currently working for. Robert declares he found his “true calling” working with the NC Medicaid Program, assisting the states’ aged and disabled citizens.

Fellow alumni in the Charlotte area can reconnect at the Charlotte Alumni Chapter Fall Dinner, which Robert has witnessed the impact of since starting this event three years ago. He is looking forward to seeing fellow alumni at the event on Thursday, October 18, at the Charlotte City Club.

UNCW Alumni Relations/Katherine Wroblewski, Intern

Friday, September 21, 2012

Alumna Makes a Career out of a Passion

Alumna Mary Thomas ‘90 began playing golf at just 12 years old. She grew up in Southern Maryland, where changing seasons allowed her the opportunity to pursue many different sports. Her father taught her the game right out of their backyard. “He was an aerospace engineer, and tried to figure out the crazy game of golf. Now that’s what I do! Ironic,” she said.

Also ironic, Mary chose UNCW, not for its golf program, but for its widely renowned Marine Science department. Drawn to the academic reputation, small class sizes, and beautiful campus, Thomas made the decision to attend UNCW. The golf program was merely a bonus. “I wanted to try to play [golf] at school if possible, but a larger school would not have offered me the opportunity,” she said.

Mary walked on to the golf team, and earned a partial scholarship after her freshman season. Her golf skills grew, as did her passion for the game. “I pursued my education and grew as a golfer along the way.” Throughout her UNCW golf career, Thomas remained committed to her academics. “It was a challenge, especially as a golfer when missing multiple classes for tournaments. But academics came first,” she said.

Members of the 1990 UNCW golf team reunite.
Left to Right: Christina Jazkowlski-Geiger '91, Mary Thomas '90,
Paige Cribb '90, Laura Covington '91
Mary’s UNCW golf coach encouraged her to pursue her golf career. “I played professionally for almost two years. I found I improved, but it was not the way I would earn my living. I enjoyed being around the game and the people I met. My goal changed; I wanted to see where the game would lead me next,” she said.

Now the Head Golf Professional at the Greensboro Country Club, Mary is bringing the game of golf to new players. “There are incredible rewards. Wonderful relationships develop with your customers, you help someone learn to play the game or play better and enjoy it more. You create recreation in a world that needs it.”

In her spare time Mary also serves as a member of the UNCW Triad Area Alumni Chapter Steering Committee. “I have always been a proud Seahawk and enjoy meeting other alumni. The school gave me a great opportunity and I want to pay it back. I have enjoyed learning firsthand what is happening at UNCW during our meetings,” she said.

Mary is excited to network with other area alumni at the upcoming Triad Chapter Fall Reception, where Chancellor Miller will speak on the state of the university. “I look forward to being with other alumni friends and making new ones. The common background of UNCW is a great intro into making new friends and networking in general,” she said.

UNCW Alumni Relations/Shannon Rodenheiser '11

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Announcing New Alumni Chapter Leaders

The Alumni Association has nine alumni chapters and groups which are represented by dedicated volunteers. Chapters which are led by Steering Committees have an executive leadership that serves two-year terms. The association is excited to welcome Brad Barbour '02, '03M; Jensen Caudle '05; Jenna Curry '08 and Virginia Teachey '09 as our 2012-2013 chapter leaders.

Brad Barbour '02, '03M at a past
Triangle Alumni Spring Mixer
Brad Barbour '02, '03M is the owner of TRC Staffing Services in Raleigh. An example of his professional networking expertise was shared on the alumni blog in July. After working in public accounting as an auditor for five years, Brad realized what he really enjoyed was recruiting, networking events, business development and the time he spent with CSB during on-campus recruiting activities.  Brad has been on the Triangle Steering Committee since its inception in 2008.

Jensen Caudle '05 is a graduate of the Cameron School of Business.  He is currently the Assistant Vice President and  Commercial Banker at North Carolina Bank and Trust in Charlotte and volunteers on the Town of Harrisburg Parks & Recreation Advisory Board.  He has served on the Charlotte Steering Committee since it’s inception in 2010. Find out more about Jensen from a past blog post.

Jenna Curry '08
Jenna Curry '08 received her  degree in Communication Studies and has remained in Wilmington. She is a partner at Little Wing Marketing, an Internet Marketing firm. In 2009, Jenna founded Port City Young Professionals, a networking group for professionals in their 20s and 30s. She has been a mentor to Communication Studies students in the Project Protege program, supervised interns and been a guest speaker for the Communication Studies Alumni Panel and Capstone classes.

Virginia Teachey '09 has been associated with UNCW since 1987 where she volunteered, attended numerous trainings, workshops, and conferences. She has served as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, director, and mentor. Virginia also serves as a member of the NHC Library Board and as Vice President of the Master Gardener Association while mentoring groups of aspiring Master Gardeners and teaching 4-H students.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Alumna Heads to India to Fight Sex Trade

Megan Keels '08 has a goal. She has a vision. She has passion. (She's a Seahawk, of course she does!)

Drawing from personal experiences, Megan has a desire to help people who can't always help themselves. While earning her degrees in sociology, she learned about problems people faced across the globe. One that she couldn't look past was the issue of human sex trafficking.

While reading "Half the Sky," Megan learned about Apne Aap Women Worldwide, whose focus is ending sex trafficking in India. Reading about the issues facing women in this part of the world motivated Megan to reach out to the organization. She found that they needed help in an area of their operations that perfectly suited her acquired skill set: collecting, analyzing and reporting on the most recent data surrounding the trade.

Remembering what a fellow UNCW classmate told her, "to be physically present in a place (as a volunteer) is indispensable," confirmed Megan's decision to head to India; a trip that she will be making next month.

To prepare for her six-month stay, Megan has contacted past volunteers and frequently communicates with a current volunteer to inquire about their lives in India. She put together a website which talks about the issues and the support she needs for the trip. She is looking forward to the experience and "becoming an integral part of a volunteer project that will truly make a difference in the world."

UNCW/Crystal George

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

UNCW Welcomes the Class of 2016

Students helping with Move-In
UNCW/Jamie Moncrief
Ready or not, they’re here! Saturday, more than 1,900 volunteers were on hand to help over 2,000 new students move onto campus at UNCW. With nearly one volunteer for each incoming student, it was one spectacular welcome!

Admissions had a particularly difficult task in selecting the class of 2016. Undergraduate admissions received 12,500 applications for approximately 2,000 first-year spots. Those interested students who applied represented 48 states and 52 countries, including China, Singapore, Germany, Nigeria, Switzerland, Korea, Brazil, Ghana, United Kingdom, Canada, and many others. The only two U.S. states applications were not received from was North and South Dakota.

Class of 2016 Flag
UNCW/Jamie Moncrief
The office of admissions expects that 2,070 freshmen will enroll for fall courses, though official numbers will not be available until after the drop/add period ends on August, 29. Those students expected to enroll have an outstanding average SAT of 1175, average ACT of 24, and an average weighted GPA of 3.99. Twenty-nine percent were in the top 10 percent of their high school classes, and 85 percent reported UNCW as their first-choice university.

Of the incoming freshman class, 258 are legacies of UNCW. A legacy is any student who has a sibling, parent, or grandparent that attended UNCW. These students will be honored for making UNCW a family tradition in an invitation only pinning ceremony. The ceremony will be held as a part of the university’s Family and Alumni Weekend, September 21 through 23.

UNCW Alumni Relations/Shannon Rodenheiser '11

Class of 2016 Convocation UNCW/Jamie Moncrief

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wilmington Chiropractor Knows that to Get Ahead, You Need to Give Back

Early in his college career, Dr. Rhett King '03 knew he wanted to be a physician. Deciding to open his chiropractic office in Wilmington, where he was raised, was an easy choice. But, that's about the only thing that was easy.

"Competition in Wilmington is fierce with physicians of all types on nearly every corner," said Dr. King. "I realized that I was going to have to find a niche fast and that I would have to get results quickly while building tremendous value for my patients."

And that is exactly what he's done, in his office, in his community and with his alma mater.

"I learned early that a business owner only has three spendable resources: time, money and energy. If you don't have lots of money then you spend what you have, which for me was lots of free time and energy to invest into my practice," he said.

When he first opened King Chiropractic, Dr. King worked at health fairs, charity events, area races and health talks to build referrals for his business. He also began an active adult group called the Wilmington Health Nuts on Meetup, an online network of local groups.

Originally started as "a way to educate my patients about exercise and fitness," the group was eventually opened to the public and is now the largest Meetup in Wilmington.

"We provide businesses with members to take their classes while allowing group members to try something new," says Dr. Rhett.

While helping to promote area businesses, Dr. King successfully helped provide fitness opportunities to hundreds of people.  His patients are mainly area athletes and he's established a referral network with other providers.

Along with continuing his volunteer work and charity events, Dr. King understands the importance of supporting his alma mater.

"I had no idea that a significant portion of the school's funding for my education came from donor gifts instead of tuition. The best way that we can ensure that the school continues to offer programs that increase the value of our education is to give back."

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Networking Tips for the Job-Seeking Seahawk

For Seahawks looking for a job or trying to keep their options open, Cameron School of Business graduate, Brad Barbour '02, '03M, has some advice for networking in a digital world. Brad, who is the owner of TRC Staffing Services in Raleigh, works with both employers and job-seekers. After working in public accounting as an auditor for five years, Brad realized what he really enjoyed was recruiting, networking events, business development, and the time he spent with CSB during on-campus recruiting activities.

To help the job-seeker choose the best social media resources available, Brad suggests maintaining a presence on LinkedIn.
  • To tackle the job search in today’s job market, it’s all about LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn profile should contain detailed information about your background, education and skill set. When your profile is containing the proper information, it will closely resemble that of your resume and will be easily found by hiring managers.
  • Once your profile is complete, it’s time to build your connections and join groups. Begin connecting to other Seahawks in your area. A simple note stating “I’m networking with other Seahawks in the area to help with my job search” will typically illicit a favorable response and build your online network. Joining alumni groups such as “University of North Carolina Wilmington Alumni Association” or “UNCW – Cameron School of Business” will also instantly connect you to thousands of people.
Search for UNCW alumni who are already on LinkedIn.

Brad also recommends one-to-one interactions to build a network. "Even though we’ve seen unprecedented changes in the online world, there is still no replacement for face-to-face interaction with other Seahawks," he said.
  • During alumni events, as you would at any other networking event, introduce yourself to strangers. While it’s easy to walk up to someone who is alone, you can also look for the loudest group or the group that is laughing and introduce yourself. Afterward, connect with these same people on LinkedIn and schedule a follow up lunch or coffee meeting.
It's easy to see how Brad has achieved great results despite starting his own recruiting business during tough economic times. "I view success not as a destination, but more of a journey," he said.

He encourages all graduates to remember their roots. "As a Seahawk, you have instant credibility and a common denominator with other Seahawks. Tapping into that Seahawk network can you help you land that next job."

Brad, who is also the President of the Triangle Area Alumni Chapter, is looking forward to catching up with fellow Seahawks at the Durham Bulls Picnic on August 8.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Members Elected to the Alumni Association Board of Directors

The UNCW Alumni Association Board of Directors, a group of alumni volunteers who help guide and advise the association, elected six new members who began their terms this month.

"We are excited to welcome the incoming class of alumni board members," said Rob McInturf, Executive Director of the UNCW Alumni Association. "Each new board member has a unique area of expertise and we look forward to their participation."

Elaine Andrews '10M, received her master's degree in accountancy and has lived in Wilmington since 1993. Elaine and her husband John own Big Rock Holdings, which operates South Beach Grill in Wrightsville Beach. Ms. Andrews is very civic minded and takes active roles in numerous community organizations.

Ms. Bryant with current board chair
Sandra McClammy '03, '09M
Lolita Bryant '04, '11M, is a passionate nurse and advocate of life-long learning. She received both her bachelor's and master's degrees in nursing and is currently the Nursing Supervisor & Administrative Operations Officer at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Ms. Bryant is also the former president of the African American Graduate Association.

Ken Dieppa '09M, completed his MBA after his retirement from the military. He is currently a Senior Contract Fulfillment Engineer for General Electric - Hitachi Nuclear Energy and manages foreign and domestic projects and contracts. Mr. Dieppa previously spent two years as the Cape Fear Area Alumni Chapter President.

Mr. Gale speaking at a
COM Studies Reception 
Tom Gale '98, has remained in Wilmington since completing his degree in communication studies. Currently a realtor with Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty, Mr. Gale is a former Communication Studies Alumni Chapter President.

Bradley Heath '96, '97M, moved back to Dunn, NC after completing his MBA to work in his family's business, Family Medical Supply, of which he is now the President and CEO. He and his wife, Christie, a fellow UNCW graduate, fund a Cameron School of Business scholarship.

Mr. West with the Crews Faculty
Award recipient, Dr. Tammy Hunt
Wallace West '63, received his associate degree in mathematics before attending UNC Chapel Hill to attain his bachelors in the same field. He is President of Coastal Carolina Streetscapes, LLC, a family owned business providing full service site furnishings and neighborhood amenities. Mr. West is beginning his second three-year term and is Vice Chair of the board.

About the UNCW Alumni Association

The mission of the UNCW Alumni Association is to be the lead supporter in the university's strategic vision. It's purpose is to connect and involve alumni, students, and friends in the promotion and advancement of the university.

The UNCW Alumni Association provides free membership to all graduates and to individuals who have completed at least one course at UNCW. Membership includes benefits  as well as chapters and clubs for alumni who are close to campus and around the nation.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

UNCW Alumni Deliver Quality Education During Tough Economy

During the past few years, we have all been forced to see the bright side in an economic recession. Few have done this as well as two of our Watson School of Education alumni, Julie Sartorius ’08,’10M and Sarah Payne ’08. These passionate educators have been able to maintain a positive attitude and love for teaching even during the tough times of an economic downturn.

Both educators are currently in Wilmington. Julie works at Cape Fear Center for Inquiry (CFCI) as a third grade teacher. Sarah works at Wrightsville Beach Elementary as a first, fourth and fifth grade pull-out teacher who helps struggling students through working in small groups.

Julie with the founders of KIPP, a group of
charter schools that empowers students
to go to and through college. 
Julie advocates for providing quality education by sharing. She states that instead of viewing education as a competition, “it’s about a shared understanding,” and that all teachers should work together to share resources. Julie adds, "I saw it in undergrad when we would create a lesson or unit plan and the professors would put them on blackboard or discs for everyone in the class to utilize and benefit. I saw it at KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) when they created an online web sharing database for teachers at their 100 schools and I see it now at CFCI."

Throughout the challenges in her career she has continued to stay positive. “One of my favorite things about teaching is the smiles on the faces of the children when they walk in the door in the morning, eager to seek what they day has to offer.”

Sarah with some of her students.
Sarah has dreamed of becoming a teacher since she was in third grade, when she presented a mini lesson to her class. She still loves being an educator and recommends that new teachers stay organized, track receipts and find the benefits in tutoring struggling students. Sarah works hard to create a bond with students and states, “I love to take a concept that’s difficult and find a way to make my students understand it. I love that ‘light bulb’ moment when you can see that the concept final clicks in their minds.”

Just a few weeks away is the WSE Alumni Chapter Spring Dinner where guest speaker, Dr. Cathy Barlow, will address “Providing a Quality Education During Challenging Economic Times.” Alumni will have an opportunity to mingle with friends and fellow educators while enjoying dinner and the presentation. "I loved my time at UNCW. Thinking about college, I remember all the fun I had with friends." said Sarah. "I look forward to events like these to share with alumni who have similar experiences in their careers."

UNCW Alumni Relations/ Tori Hamed

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Alumna with a Career in Media Keeps a Fast Pace

Returning to Wilmington after living in Greensboro for a few years may have been an adjustment for Chrissy Coor '01 due to the casual nature of our coastal city, but she quickly saw the perks. Along with the progression she's earned in her career since her arrival, she has come to savor the relaxed environment. "I enjoy living where people want to vacation and where flip flops are a staple nearly every month of the year." states Chrissy.

Most people who know Chrissy agree that relaxing is not something she takes lightly. Working in the media industry, currently as the Local Sales Manager for FOX Wilmington, means long days. Before making her way to the office, it's not uncommon for her to fit in a nine mile run. "It's my outlet from whatever I have going on." Chrissy shares. As a goal oriented person, even her method of stress relief has an agenda. "Running has turned into half marathons, full marathons, triathlons and this year will be another bucket list item marked off -- a half ironman!"

Goal setting and competition is familiar territory for Chrissy. When she first toured UNCW, it was during the time she was being recruited by multiple universities for full scholarships in basketball or volleyball. After seeing the campus, she committed to becoming a Seahawk and played on the Women's Basketball team for three years.

After graduating, Chrissy worked in media buying with the national firm Blair TV, and later as an account executive with WFMY in Greensboro before making her way back to Wilmington. "I have been on the national side, local side, internet world, advertising agency side and now back to local TV sales." Chrissy reflects. " I really enjoy being a resource for our clients and working with them on their marketing plans."

Chrissy also volunteers for the Alumni Association and is currently serving as president of the Cape Fear Alumni Chapter. The chapter hosts multiple events throughout the year, including the Alumni After Work coming up on April 12 at Dockside. "It's such a fun, relaxing time when we get together for the social. I enjoy meeting local alumni and sharing stories about UNCW."

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Congratulations Outstanding UNCW Cameron School of Business Alumni

The 2012 recipients are Carlton Fisher ’83; Jim Parker ’98 and Jason Wheeler ’99, ’03M. Each one has been chosen based on his successes following graduation from UNCW.

Carlton Fisher ’83 graduated with a degree in business. He now works at the family business, Coastal Realty Co. Carlton and his family have strong ties to the university in that both his parents and wife are graduates and his son is soon to be enrolled. Carlton is the past chair of UNCW Foundation Board of Directors and currently serves on the UNCW Board of Trustees.

Jim Parker ’98M graduated with a Master of Business Administration after receiving his undergraduate degree from University of Maryland College Park in accounting. He currently serves as the director of finance- internal audit with ConAgra Foods in Omaha, Neb. Jim has facilitated internal audit courses for the Institute of Auditors for more than 14 years. He started his career in audit by working for the Marine Corps Nonappropriated Fund Audit Service.

Jason Wheeler ’99, ’03M is CEO and wealth consultant for Pathfinder Wealth Consulting in Wilmington. He is very involved in the UNCW and Wilmington communities. He serves as an associate professor of corporate finance in the Cameron School of Business and is also a member of the UNCW Foundation Board of Directors. Jason is a member of the Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and was elected to the Cape Fear Community College Foundation Board in 2012. He also received the 2004 UNCW Young Alumnus of the Year Award.

The three 2012 Outstanding UNCW Cameron School of Business alumni will be recognized and participate as the panel speakers during the CSB Alumni Speaker Breakfast & Panel Discussion. The event will be on Wednesday, March 28 in Madeline Suite at 7:00 am and is part of Business Week.

Tori Hamed/UNCW Alumni Relations Intern

Monday, February 27, 2012

CSB Business Week: A Student's Perspective

Business Week is personally my favorite event that the Cameron School of Business hosts and I am sure many of the business students would say the same. There are many reasons I enjoy these two days of the year so much and it is not just because we get two days off from classes!

Business Week includes over 100 sessions where presenters come into classrooms and speak with students about their career path, what it took to get to the position they hold now and what we need to know to make us more marketable when entering the workforce. The executives speak about their experiences so that students can relate. How they were just like us in college, how they messed around, and had a good time. Some mention that they did not have a set path once they graduated and how they were worried about not having a job lined up. But, eventually everything fell into place which led them to where they are today. These thought-provoking presentations are my favorite part of Business Week. The opportunity to speak with executives in this open forum is not common and we're fortunate to have them come to UNCW.

This week-long series of events also provides an opportunity to network with employers. Networking is one of the most stressed topics in the business school. Some students find it very simple to network with people while others find it difficult. Bringing executives from companies into the Cameron School of Business makes it easy to network. The speakers encourage us to stay after the sessions and talk to them, or ask questions. By doing this many doors open up and it is possible to land an internship, or even a job, by talking with the speakers about your career path.

Also, it is inspiring to see alumni come back and share their knowledge with the students. Not to mention, it is fun to see friends, who have already graduated, come back to our school and share their success stories.

The presentations give me, as well as other students, hope for the future. The speakers are encouraging and they assure us that even if we do not know exactly what is going to happen in the next six months, it is ok. Attending Business Week gives students encouragement while motivating them to be the best they can possibly be in order to succeed.

Melissa MacKay class of 2012, Alumni Relations Intern

Friday, January 20, 2012

Congratulations to the 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

The Alumni Association is proud to announce the recipients of the 2012 UNCW Distinguished Alumni Awards. Each award recipient has been recognized by their peers for their hard work and dedication to UNCW and for the Wilmington community.

Shanda Williams Bordeaux ’92 is the UNCW Distinguished Alumnus recipient. Currently a high school counselor at the Wilmington Christian Academy, Shanda received her degree from the College of Arts and Sciences. She is an active member in the UNCW community and has served on several committees and boards, is a past chairwoman of the UNCW Alumni Association and former president of the Seahawk Club Board. Shanda has also been previously recognized as a lifetime member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors. We are proud to honor Shanda with this award for her willingness to give her time and resources back to UNCW.

Justin Queen ’04 is the UNCW Young Alumnus award recipient this year. Upon graduating from the university with his degree in Communication Studies, Justin went on to found Wilmington-based Blu Zeus Interactive Marketing. At UNCW, Justin is a member of the UNCW Entrepreneurship Board of Advisors as well as a member of the UNCW Entrepreneurship Center. He also speaks regularly to classes in the Cameron School of Business and in the Department of Communication Studies.

Ann Sherman-Skiba has been recognized as this year’s Distinguished Citizen of the Year. Ann has devoted her time giving to the Wilmington community as a volunteer on the UNCW Board of Visitors and on the Board of Directors at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. She also contributes hours of support to the Cameron Museum of Art. Ann is an active supporter of the university’s history and music programs.

These three outstanding individuals have shown character, generosity, and devotion to UNCW. They will receive their awards during Homecoming 2012 and will be recognized during the parade and halftime of the Men’s Basketball game on Saturday, February 4.

UNCW Alumni Relations/Zac Allison, Intern