Monday, February 27, 2012

CSB Business Week: A Student's Perspective

Business Week is personally my favorite event that the Cameron School of Business hosts and I am sure many of the business students would say the same. There are many reasons I enjoy these two days of the year so much and it is not just because we get two days off from classes!

Business Week includes over 100 sessions where presenters come into classrooms and speak with students about their career path, what it took to get to the position they hold now and what we need to know to make us more marketable when entering the workforce. The executives speak about their experiences so that students can relate. How they were just like us in college, how they messed around, and had a good time. Some mention that they did not have a set path once they graduated and how they were worried about not having a job lined up. But, eventually everything fell into place which led them to where they are today. These thought-provoking presentations are my favorite part of Business Week. The opportunity to speak with executives in this open forum is not common and we're fortunate to have them come to UNCW.

This week-long series of events also provides an opportunity to network with employers. Networking is one of the most stressed topics in the business school. Some students find it very simple to network with people while others find it difficult. Bringing executives from companies into the Cameron School of Business makes it easy to network. The speakers encourage us to stay after the sessions and talk to them, or ask questions. By doing this many doors open up and it is possible to land an internship, or even a job, by talking with the speakers about your career path.

Also, it is inspiring to see alumni come back and share their knowledge with the students. Not to mention, it is fun to see friends, who have already graduated, come back to our school and share their success stories.

The presentations give me, as well as other students, hope for the future. The speakers are encouraging and they assure us that even if we do not know exactly what is going to happen in the next six months, it is ok. Attending Business Week gives students encouragement while motivating them to be the best they can possibly be in order to succeed.

Melissa MacKay class of 2012, Alumni Relations Intern

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