Wednesday, April 18, 2012

UNCW Alumni Deliver Quality Education During Tough Economy

During the past few years, we have all been forced to see the bright side in an economic recession. Few have done this as well as two of our Watson School of Education alumni, Julie Sartorius ’08,’10M and Sarah Payne ’08. These passionate educators have been able to maintain a positive attitude and love for teaching even during the tough times of an economic downturn.

Both educators are currently in Wilmington. Julie works at Cape Fear Center for Inquiry (CFCI) as a third grade teacher. Sarah works at Wrightsville Beach Elementary as a first, fourth and fifth grade pull-out teacher who helps struggling students through working in small groups.

Julie with the founders of KIPP, a group of
charter schools that empowers students
to go to and through college. 
Julie advocates for providing quality education by sharing. She states that instead of viewing education as a competition, “it’s about a shared understanding,” and that all teachers should work together to share resources. Julie adds, "I saw it in undergrad when we would create a lesson or unit plan and the professors would put them on blackboard or discs for everyone in the class to utilize and benefit. I saw it at KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) when they created an online web sharing database for teachers at their 100 schools and I see it now at CFCI."

Throughout the challenges in her career she has continued to stay positive. “One of my favorite things about teaching is the smiles on the faces of the children when they walk in the door in the morning, eager to seek what they day has to offer.”

Sarah with some of her students.
Sarah has dreamed of becoming a teacher since she was in third grade, when she presented a mini lesson to her class. She still loves being an educator and recommends that new teachers stay organized, track receipts and find the benefits in tutoring struggling students. Sarah works hard to create a bond with students and states, “I love to take a concept that’s difficult and find a way to make my students understand it. I love that ‘light bulb’ moment when you can see that the concept final clicks in their minds.”

Just a few weeks away is the WSE Alumni Chapter Spring Dinner where guest speaker, Dr. Cathy Barlow, will address “Providing a Quality Education During Challenging Economic Times.” Alumni will have an opportunity to mingle with friends and fellow educators while enjoying dinner and the presentation. "I loved my time at UNCW. Thinking about college, I remember all the fun I had with friends." said Sarah. "I look forward to events like these to share with alumni who have similar experiences in their careers."

UNCW Alumni Relations/ Tori Hamed

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Alumna with a Career in Media Keeps a Fast Pace

Returning to Wilmington after living in Greensboro for a few years may have been an adjustment for Chrissy Coor '01 due to the casual nature of our coastal city, but she quickly saw the perks. Along with the progression she's earned in her career since her arrival, she has come to savor the relaxed environment. "I enjoy living where people want to vacation and where flip flops are a staple nearly every month of the year." states Chrissy.

Most people who know Chrissy agree that relaxing is not something she takes lightly. Working in the media industry, currently as the Local Sales Manager for FOX Wilmington, means long days. Before making her way to the office, it's not uncommon for her to fit in a nine mile run. "It's my outlet from whatever I have going on." Chrissy shares. As a goal oriented person, even her method of stress relief has an agenda. "Running has turned into half marathons, full marathons, triathlons and this year will be another bucket list item marked off -- a half ironman!"

Goal setting and competition is familiar territory for Chrissy. When she first toured UNCW, it was during the time she was being recruited by multiple universities for full scholarships in basketball or volleyball. After seeing the campus, she committed to becoming a Seahawk and played on the Women's Basketball team for three years.

After graduating, Chrissy worked in media buying with the national firm Blair TV, and later as an account executive with WFMY in Greensboro before making her way back to Wilmington. "I have been on the national side, local side, internet world, advertising agency side and now back to local TV sales." Chrissy reflects. " I really enjoy being a resource for our clients and working with them on their marketing plans."

Chrissy also volunteers for the Alumni Association and is currently serving as president of the Cape Fear Alumni Chapter. The chapter hosts multiple events throughout the year, including the Alumni After Work coming up on April 12 at Dockside. "It's such a fun, relaxing time when we get together for the social. I enjoy meeting local alumni and sharing stories about UNCW."