Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Charlotte Alumni Chapter's First President Becomes Member of UNCW Board of Visitors

In the fall of 2010, Charlotte area alumni established their first official UNCW Alumni Chapter. The dedicated efforts of Robert Abbotts ’85, played a big role in making this happen. Robert was the chapter's first president, willing and eager to get alumni in the area reconnected with their alma mater. Now he has been appointed as a new member of the UNCW Board of Visitors, serving as an advocate for the university’s mission, accomplishments and goals for the future.

“Staying involved makes me feels as though I never really left,” Robert said. Along with embracing his new volunteer role, Robert remains an active part of the Charlotte Area Alumni Chapter by serving on the Steering Committee. Although he resides in Charlotte, Robert and his family still attend events on campus and feels a sense of community pride for the growth of UNCW.

“In Charlotte traffic, I get a big kick out of when fellow alumni, or current students, react to the UNCW sticker on the rear window of my car. That always makes my day,” he said.

The love Robert has for UNCW began when he visited campus for the first time. “Everything intrigued me; the history of the university, the town of Wilmington, proximity of the coast, everything,” explains Robert.

Robert’s time at UNCW formed the foundation of his career in Public Service. One of his professors, Dr. Earl Sheridan, further enhanced Robert’s lifelong interest in the American political process. He reminisces about Dr. Syed Ahmad stating, “That man was a genius at running a classroom. I not only looked forward to going to his class, I didn’t want it to end – he was that good.”

Upon graduating, Robert began working in the private sector and later in the government sector which he is currently working for. Robert declares he found his “true calling” working with the NC Medicaid Program, assisting the states’ aged and disabled citizens.

Fellow alumni in the Charlotte area can reconnect at the Charlotte Alumni Chapter Fall Dinner, which Robert has witnessed the impact of since starting this event three years ago. He is looking forward to seeing fellow alumni at the event on Thursday, October 18, at the Charlotte City Club.

UNCW Alumni Relations/Katherine Wroblewski, Intern

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