Thursday, November 15, 2012

In a Time of Thanks, We Salute Our Seahawks

This time of year, when the thermostat begins its daily dance and the the sun has already clocked-out before your drive home, we begin thinking about the festive holiday events approaching.

Students digging in at the Wagsgiving feast
 UNCW/Erin Bailey
Remember when you were a student and would spend today recovering from over-eating at Wagsgiving and would count down the days to school break? What kind of holiday traditions have you began since your last stroll down Chancellor's Walk?

Each year, at this time, we take the opportunity to share about alumni who are daring to soar; alumni who don't settle for average and are willing to create a path for themselves and foster opportunities for others. We invite you to meet them in the blog posts through November.

Thanksgiving is about more than filling yourself with turkey and trimmings and fighting the ambush of holiday music that fills the airwaves, inevitably too early. It's about sharing what you are thankful for, and for us, we're thankful for our 60,000 Seahawks around the globe. 

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