Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Networking Tips for the Job-Seeking Seahawk

For Seahawks looking for a job or trying to keep their options open, Cameron School of Business graduate, Brad Barbour '02, '03M, has some advice for networking in a digital world. Brad, who is the owner of TRC Staffing Services in Raleigh, works with both employers and job-seekers. After working in public accounting as an auditor for five years, Brad realized what he really enjoyed was recruiting, networking events, business development, and the time he spent with CSB during on-campus recruiting activities.

To help the job-seeker choose the best social media resources available, Brad suggests maintaining a presence on LinkedIn.
  • To tackle the job search in today’s job market, it’s all about LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn profile should contain detailed information about your background, education and skill set. When your profile is containing the proper information, it will closely resemble that of your resume and will be easily found by hiring managers.
  • Once your profile is complete, it’s time to build your connections and join groups. Begin connecting to other Seahawks in your area. A simple note stating “I’m networking with other Seahawks in the area to help with my job search” will typically illicit a favorable response and build your online network. Joining alumni groups such as “University of North Carolina Wilmington Alumni Association” or “UNCW – Cameron School of Business” will also instantly connect you to thousands of people.
Search for UNCW alumni who are already on LinkedIn.

Brad also recommends one-to-one interactions to build a network. "Even though we’ve seen unprecedented changes in the online world, there is still no replacement for face-to-face interaction with other Seahawks," he said.
  • During alumni events, as you would at any other networking event, introduce yourself to strangers. While it’s easy to walk up to someone who is alone, you can also look for the loudest group or the group that is laughing and introduce yourself. Afterward, connect with these same people on LinkedIn and schedule a follow up lunch or coffee meeting.
It's easy to see how Brad has achieved great results despite starting his own recruiting business during tough economic times. "I view success not as a destination, but more of a journey," he said.

He encourages all graduates to remember their roots. "As a Seahawk, you have instant credibility and a common denominator with other Seahawks. Tapping into that Seahawk network can you help you land that next job."

Brad, who is also the President of the Triangle Area Alumni Chapter, is looking forward to catching up with fellow Seahawks at the Durham Bulls Picnic on August 8.

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