Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How do you show your Seahawk Spirit?

The UNCW bookstore is a great resource for alumni gear and fun trinkets to show your Seahawk Spirit. On top of that there are many local and online vendors which carry UNCW merchandise. Our licensing department (headed by one of our alumni!) works hard to make these items available for you.

One of our newest UNCW items is the awesome necktie you see pictured here. There are a few different styles available, one in gold and another with Sammy C Hawk on them.

What's your favorite UNCW token? That beloved t-shirt which after 10 years miraculously still has no holes but is so incredibly soft? How about the Sammy C Hawk golf club head cover, so multi-purposed that one of our alumni uses it to protect the gear shift in her SUV? And how cool is it that due to the diligence of one of our recent alumni, we now have TEAL Rainbows- their first collegiate brand! So what's in your closet, car, cabinet or desk at work? How do you show your Seahawk Spirit?

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