Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Alumna Manages National Marketing Firm and Big Name Accounts From the Port City

"We all have limited time and limited energy - put yours where it matters most." This lesson that Trudy Maus '91, '97M learned from one of her business courses at UNCW has made a big impact on her career. Using a cost-benefit comparison when faced with decisions and tasks has led Trudy to become a co-owner of BannerDirect, a New York City based marketing agency.

When Trudy reflects back on why she decided to attend UNCW she states, "I wanted my professors to know my name - I didn't want to be just a number. I researched several "smaller" universities in North Carolina and toured a few campuses. When I arrived at UNCW, I immediately fell in love."

Starting as a Psychology major, then switching to Mathematics and later Finance, Trudy realized her passion lies in Marketing after taking a required course. "It combined all the majors I was considering... Psychology (what makes consumers tick), Mathematics and Finance (sales/budgets/ROI)." Shortly after receiving her undergraduate degree, she began working with BannerDirect, out of their Wilmington office. "It was the best of both worlds - I worked on large accounts in New York City, while being able to stay in Wilmington."

When addressing challenges in her field Trudy states, "Marketing agency work involves long hours, tight deadlines and a lot of travel. It gets the adrenaline going, but you need to be prepared to re-schedule vacations and spend Christmas Eve snowed in at the airport. Flexibility is key to surviving and thriving in marketing."

Trudy enjoys coming back to campus to see its growth while still maintaining the "most beautiful campus in North Carolina". She's actively involved on the Alumni Board of Directors and encourages others to stay engaged with the university. "UNCW gave me a great education in which to build my career. I enjoy seeing this impact on future graduates."

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