Thursday, June 16, 2011

Share Your Memories for the Alumni Beach Day Video!

Johnnie Mercer's Pier, MOI, Surfing Before Class, K-38, 4-wheelin', Friends with Beach Houses, Fishing on the South End Jetty, .....Your Story Goes Here!.... Crystal Pier, Mad Monk, Blockade Runner, The Crest, Catching rays behind the Dunes, Studying late at Pizza Hut on WB....

On UNCW's campus you worked hard, chatted with professors and helped remind your roommates to get to class on time (or they were the ones reminding you!). What about during your downtime? Days without classes and breaks between semesters?

We want to hear about your memories on the southeastern NC coast! What was your favorite hang-out? Where did you always bring out of town friends when they came to visit? When school had you stressed where would you go to unwind?
Post your favorite photos and videos on the Alumni Facebook Page by July 8 for a chance to be included in the Video!!

Share this with friends and to see what old photos they can dig up too!

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