Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Study Abroad Opportunity Leads to Life of Travel

When he came to UNCW as a transfer student, Adam Matthews ’04 looked forward to attending a university that fit his academic aspirations as well as fulfill his need for an invigorating sea breeze. What he didn’t expect; however, was that an opportunity to study in Europe would spark a momentous desire for experiential learning. “Every waking moment in a foreign country is a learning experience. I now have an insatiable lust for the unknown,” Adam shares.

While he continued his studies as a business student, Adam focused on technology courses knowing this training would empower him to work strategically and become a multipurpose asset to future employers. This mindset paid off, affording him a position with IBM, also working with Lenovo, during one of the largest U.S. acquisitions by a foreign company. During this time, he developed an interest in the Asia and Pacific marketplace and later traveled to Australia to earn his master’s degree.

Adam at Machu Picchu, Peru
Stamps in Adam’s passport reflect times of adventure, such as Interlaken, Switzerland or Queenstown, New Zealand. Thailand was remarkable due in part to its navigation challenges. When asked about the one he enjoyed most: “My favorite country is always the one I haven’t been to yet. I like to focus on where I am going next.”

Recently Adam returned from South Africa and is back home working with the Bank of America headquarters in Charlotte. He’s looking forward to seeing fellow alumni at the Charlotte Area Alumni Fall Dinner at the City Club on November 3. “You have this connection that makes it easy to engage in conversation. I enjoy reminiscing about the memories I have from Wilmington,” he states.

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