Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Seahawk Seeking Challenging Career Heads To South Korea

UNCW attracts students from all around the world. Many alumni also choose to live abroad after earning their degree. Making these geographic and cultural changes can be a challenge, but our Seahawks always overcome.

One alumna who is no stranger to change is Lindsay Rowe '08. After coming to UNCW in 2003 for a teaching degree, she decided to change course and seek out challenges in computer science, economics and then business. Lindsay attributes a large part of her success to the Cameron School of Business. "The degree to which they push their students was harder than any other field." The other facet of her college experience was Greek life. Lindsay recalls, "Sorority life pushed me to become more responsible for my actions and a role model for my peers".

Realizing that graduation was just around the corner, Lindsay became employed in finance, news journalism, human resources, and as a legal aide. After giving each position due effort, she realized these were not areas she wanted to pursue long-term.

Wanting to stretch her abilities even more, Lindsay researched the Peace Corps and teaching abroad. A one year contract, teaching 4-15 year olds and tutoring adults, in Seoul, South Korea was offered to Lindsay and she accepted. Overcoming the language barrier has been not quite as challenging as planning her lessons for the various ages of students. The students are very focused on secondary eduction and are under a lot of pressure, with few extracurricular activities offered.

Lindsay is looking forward to exploring new places and facing new challenges that allow her to grow. She misses strolling with her friends down Chancellor's walk, philanthropy events, study sessions, PT's burgers and fries, and Captain Bills volleyball. These memories, and the encouragement to stay driven, are what makes Lindsay grateful for attending UNCW.

Drive and ambition is evident in many of our alumni. Find out more about Brad Knighton, a goalkeeper who played hard to get into Major League Soccer, or Ryan Crecelius '06, an entrepreneur who started a realty company focused on Wilmington's future. During the next four weeks of the Seahawk Summer Feature, we'll showcase alumni who are working in television, traveling the world and more!

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