Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seahawks Soar In Emerging Markets

Each year, technology seems to develop faster and faster, leaving those unfamiliar with its abilities in the dark and unable to catch up. It's good to know there are resources to help a company sort through the new tactics to find what's right for their business.

Communication Studies alumnus, Justin Queen '04, got involved with the UNCW radio station and was inspired by the new path it opened for him. Enjoying communications theory classes and media law, he also spied an opportunity and soon jumped on the wave of emerging technology referred to as web marketing. By the time he was a junior, Justin was contemplating starting his own business or a career in media sales. Intrigued by this rising media power, Justin decided to put his savings in the new industry of web marketing and launch Blu Zeus.

Within six years his company has developed a national and international client base, providing digital business solutions while specializing in web-based technologies. Getting to this point hasn't been easy- Justin started the business out of his home while teaching himself programming languages. He learned that in order to grow you need to work hard, and work smart. "You fight to get established and beat the odds, being underfunded, understanding how to manage people, but most importantly, what you're good at and what you're not. I've learned to do what I'm good at and hire the best people to do the rest."

Justin encourages alumni and current students while speaking at events during CSB Business Week, and working with the Entrepreneurship Center. Attending alumni functions has also led to client referrals, another reason he chooses to stay connected with UNCW.

Seahawks have been paving the way for our future all over the world. Find out about Lindsay Rowe '08 teaching in South Korea, Brad Knighton '06 playing for MLS with the Philadelphia Union and Ryan Crecelius '06 who owns his own real estate business that gives back to our community.

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